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PrePaid ATM Casinos

Guide for online Prepaid ATM Casinos for USA players. Play online casino games with PrePaid ATM deposits method.

Prepaid ATM is one of the many instruments used by online casino players, in transacting payments. This method has already become one of the most popular alternatives for credit cards, as it can be used without necessarily tying it up with a bank account.

Funding the Prepaid ATM Casinos, is done via card to card transfer, credit cards, direct electronic card transfers, bank wires, or through Western Union transfers. It is convenient and very easy to use.

How do you use it?

First, choose an online casino. To date, hundreds of online casinos are known to accept Prepaid ATM Casino credits, most notably Las Vegas USA Casino, Slots Plus Casino and Vegas Casino Online. Downloading the software and following instructions completes the first step.

After registration, you should proceed by placing credits in your ATM account. A well-known method of doing this is to directly deposit one’s monthly pay check directly into the ATM account, as this salary payment method is one of the most common practices used by majority of employers.

Another method is funding through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), wherein you can write an electronic check and immediately get credit in return for your Prepaid ATM card. In addition, Master Card and Visa holders can also avail themselves of Prepaid ATM Casino.

Credit cards may also be used, along with some other direct payment methods, which people ordinarily transact with banks like bank wires and money transfers through Western Union.

Once credits are in place, all that is needed is to deposit the desired amount into the online casino of choice. The said amount will now serve as Prepaid ATM Casino credits.


Withdrawing money from a Prepaid ATM Casino account is likewise easy. Once you are ready to take your winnings, simply go to the cashier section of your casino of choice, and click on the Prepaid ATM method.

Enter your desired amount, click “submit” and the amount will go directly into your Prepaid ATM account.

As for withdrawing money from your Prepaid ATM account, all you have to do (if you have a physical account), is go to the nearest bank that has an ATM machine, and withdraw the desired amount. This has been a very popular option due to its accessibility and security.


Commonly referred to as “The most powerful ATM card on the planet”, Prepaid ATM Casinos online has obvious advantages.

One need not have an active bank account to use it. All a user needs is a job that pays him regularly, to get him automatically qualified to use the Prepaid ATM Casino, since he can choose to have his pay checks placed in his prepaid account instead of his savings account.

Since casinos cannot be present in every city or town, the use of Prepaid ATM Casino gives users a bigger playing field, as gamblers can now play online. This is a widely used method of payment, in many popular games such as Casino Poker, Roulette and Blackjack.

One also does not need be registered with any electronic money and online payment systems (PayPal, WebMoney) to avail of the service. Lastly, using Prepaid ATM Casinos in online gambling is safe. There is no cause for worry as regards mal-wares or Trojans.