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Neteller Casino


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Neteller Casino

Neteller Casinos

Choose Neteller casinos for safe gambling. Neteller Casinos - Powered by Neteller Payment Mechanism!

What are Neteller Casinos?

While engaging in online gambling, one needs to deposit and withdraw cash regularly. There exist many providers who make this mechanism possible. However, over the years Neteller has established themselves as being the de facto standard in the said mechanism. Neteller Casinos are most reputed in the online gambling industry. Neteller also provides for casino payment mechanisms for poker rooms and sportsbooks, besides casinos. Go to and open a Neteller Account.

Considering that most online casinos are now supported by Neteller's mechanism of online payments, thus also making "Neteller Casinos" a synonym almost. There are even such casinos that offer special Neteller bonus when the player chooses to use their mechanism for making deposits or withdrawals.

How to open a Neteller Account?

Making transaction using Neteller Casinos is relatively straightforward and simple.

All that is required of a player to set up an account at one of the Neteller Casinos, is a valid email address. There are no cost implications in setting up an account and transactions made thereafter also do not cost money.

Funding a Neteller Account

Once the account has been set up, the player has a few funding options to choose from. Of these the simplest is to register a checking or savings bank account with the Neteller Casinos for transfer of required amount of funding. In selecting this option the player is able to conveniently transfer funds between the two accounts at minimal or no cost (depending on the player's bank). The transfer usually takes between one to three business days.

The second funding option is to use a credit card but this service may not be free of charge. A fee of approximately 3% is charged by most Neteller Casinos, in lieu of processing charges.

Depositing Money in a Neteller Account

Once an account is established, the player must ideally verify his bank account details with Neteller as that will enable the player to transfer large sums of cash. Such verification can be accomplished by filling in a form on the Casino's sites.

Neteller also allow the player to use a feature called InstaCash whereby if the player wants to transfer funds immediately after having signed up with the casino, the Neteller account will deposit the required amount but charge a hefty fee of 9% of the amount deposited.

It is a better deal thus to wait a few days for the transfer to take place, especially if it is a large sum of money.

Transactions between Neteller and Neteller Casinos

Once the player's funds are deposited in his Netller account, making a deposit into one of the casinos is very simple. All he needs to do is sign up at a casino that supports Netller payment mechanism and fills in his Neteller user information. Most such deposits are made instantaneously thus allowing the player to start gambling immediately!

When a player decides to cash-out his winnings, the Neteller Casinos will offer to send back such winnings to his Neteller account.

In order to get the cash out of Neteller account, the player can either transfer the amount sent by the Neteller Casinos from his Netter account to his bank account or alternatively use the Neteller ATM card. Neteller Casinos usually send an ATM card free of cost once you sign up with them but this may cost a minimal fee.

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