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Web Money Casino


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WebMoney Casino

WebMoney Casinos

WebMoney Casinos recommended for online gambling! Use Web Money and play online casino games.

WebMoney is an electronic money and online payment system, which was founded in 1998. Currently, it caters for more than 6 million clients all over the world.

Web money allows people who use internet services the world-wide, to perform safe financial transactions from the comfort of their own homes. As part of their growing list of services WebMoney has developed Web Money Casinos, also offer online gambling services.

WebMoney Casinos are online casinos that accept deposits through WebMoney. Web money creators found out that they could branch out into another line of business, which they will devote fully to gamblers paying online, as this is currently the better alternative for many businesses.

Most gambling enthusiasts are people who have the money and means, to have this as a lifestyle. These are people who may not necessarily be rich, but spenders nonetheless who are unable to visit actual casinos, due to their location or distance from gambling houses.

WebMoney Casinos likewise makes it easy for gamblers with physical and time constraints, to enjoy playing their favourite casino games. This site also enables gamblers to transact payments conveniently. It is not the one actually running the gaming facilities; it merely facilitates the payment transactions between payers and payees.

WebMoney caters for online casinos, and allows its users to enjoy a dependable, fast, and easy way of online gambling. Its system makes use of downloadable software called the “WM keeper”, which is used to manage the movement of WebMoney-Units (WMR for Russian Rubles, WMZ for US Dollars and WME for Euros).

Initially intended for Russian users, WebMoney Casinos are already being used all over the world.

Web Money Casino Advantages

Unlike ATM transactions, registration as well as receiving WebMoney-Units from other users, is free. Clients can also deposit or withdraw WebMoney Casino account funds via money transfer, wire transfer, or electronic currency conversion.

Also, WebMoney has an instant messaging system in place to help users in sending bills and extending credit. This is also applicable when using Web Money Casinos

Why is it safe?

Using WebMoney Casinos for online gambling is safe for two reasons. First, the user has an option to protect payments using a password. The amount is transferred from his account to the account payee through the use of passwords (normally provided by the payer), in order for the latter to receive the payment.

Secondly, transactions via this procedure do not require the users to have a bank account nor a credit card. WebMoney-Units using PayPal or credit cards, therefore, do not enable the user to use this alternative.

However, like any electronic system, WebMoney does have its flaws. Users of this arrangement have been a known target for fraudsters, with the help of mal-wares and Trojans.

Technical Support

The main venue for technical support is located in Moscow, Russia. WebMoney’s main proprietor and administrators are based in Belize, Central America. Notable websites using WebMoney Casinos are Casino Europa, Williams Hill Casino and Euro Grand Casino.

Besides CIS and Eastern Europe, WebMoney has offices located in certain countries namely France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, UAE, and the USA that cater for more inquiries regarding WebMoney Casinos.